IBPS Clerk Exam Syllabus 2020

IBPS exam syllabus is similar to other bank exams except that IBPS issues only the broad subjects, they can be further subdivided into individual topics, based on the questions that have appeared in the exams over the past few years.

Quantitative Aptitude

Majority of Quantitative Aptitude questions are from the areas of

1. Number Systems
2. Simplification
3. Profit & Loss
4. Problems on Boats and Stream
5. Problems on Trains
6. Averages
7. Percentages
8. Simple Interest , Compound Interest & Surds & Indices
9. Work & Time
10. Time & Distance
11. Mensuration – Cylinder, Cone, Sphere
12. Data Interpretation
13. Ratio & Proportion, Percentage
14. Permutation, Combination, Probability
15. Mixture and Allegation

Types of Question Asked

In both exams, topics covered are almost same

• Questions based on Number System, Simplification of Expression and calculating the exact and approximate value of the Expression.

• Questions based on Calculation of Average when a person or a group of person is removed or added.

• Basic question related to Percentage, HCF and LCM. Calculation of Profit and Loss, when SP of x product is equal to CP of y product.

• Question based on Simple Interest and Compound Interest. Calculation of Rate or Time when difference between the two interest is given. Calculation of Compound Interest when it is compounded quarterly or half-yearly.

• Question based on calculation of Speed of Train. Time to cross a pole or platform, Average Speed of journey, Upstream and Downstream Speed etc.

• Question based on Work and Time using the basic concept or using MDH formula.

• Question on DI and DS comprise 30 to 40% of the total question asked in Arithmetic section which are based on Graph, Chart etc.


How to Attempt these questions

Short tricks and important formulae from all topics must be learnt properly as in this exam, time saving and management is the most important factor to clear this exam, one has to clear all the section independently and aggregate cut-off too.

Topics like Average, percentage and Ratio and Proportion should be given more time and attention as number of questions asked are more from this topics and also these topics are the base of DI and DS.

Different type of formulae for calculation asked of Compound Interest and Simple Interest, concept of Upstream and Downstream Speed and formulae for calculation of Profit, Loss and Discount should be learnt accurately and properly.

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Reasoning Ability

Majority of Reasoning Ability questions are from the areas of

1. Puzzles
2. Seating Arrangements
3. Direction Sense
4. Blood Relation
5. Syllogism
6. Order and Ranking
7. Coding-Decoding
8. Machine Input-Output
9. Inequalities
10. Alpha-Numeric-Symbol Series
11. Data Sufficiency
12.Logical Reasoning (Passage Inference, Statement and Assumption, Conclusion, Argument)

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General English

Majority of General English questions are from the areas of

1. Reading Comprehension
2. Comprehension
3. Close Test
4. Fillers
5. Sentence Errors
6. Vocabulary based questions
7. Sentence Improvement
8. Jumbled Paragraph
9. Paragraph Fillers
10. Paragraph Conclusion
11. Paragraph /Sentences Restatement

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General/ Financial Awareness

1. Financial Awareness
2. Banking Awareness
3. Govt. Schemes and Policies
4. Current Affairs
5. Static Awareness.

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Computer Aptitude

1. History and Generation of Computers
2. Introduction to Computer Organisation
3. Computer Memory, Computer Hardware and I/O Devices
4. Computer Software
5. Computer Languages
6. Operating System
7. Computer Network
8. Internet
9. MS Office Suit and Short cut keys
10. Basics of DBMS
11. Number System and Conversions
12. Computer and Network Security.

Tips by Our Experts

* In Quantitative Aptitude, 35 questions have to be answered in 20 minutes in the Preliminary Examination and 50 questions in 45 minutes in the Main Examination. As this is an adaptive paper and there is less than a minute for each question, we recommend practicing a good amount of practice in advance.

* In lReasoning Ability, 35 Questions to be answered in 20 minutes. Since understanding reasoning type question requires considerable time, prior practice will be of immense help.

* In English Language, 30 Questions to be answered in 20 minutes. Reading comprehension questions are of significant portion. Since more reading is present and less than one minute per question, prior reading practice will help in clearing this section.

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