General Knowledge

Sports - Section 2

1.  In 2014 who was the captain of the ICC Test Team?

A. Angelo Mathews
B. Mahender Singh Dhoni
C. Alastair Cook
D. Jaron Morgan
2.  Who was the mascot of the 35th National Games?

A. Winta
B. Ammu
C. Appu
D. PanPan
3.  In 2014 who won the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix as well as the Formula One title?

A. Nico Roseberg
B. Felipe Massa
C. Lewis Hamilton
D. Sebastian Vettel
4.  Which player is the lone Indian to feature in the top 10 of the latest Reliance ICC Test Player Rankings?

A. Ravichandran Ashwin
B. Mahinder Singh Dhoni
C. Ishant Sharma
D. Saurav Ganguly
5.  What is SloPho launched by Kapil Dev?

A. A Mobile Phone
B. A virtual market
C. A cricket training software
D. A social platform
6.  In 2014 who was the AIFF player of the year?

A. Sandesh Jigan
B. Sunil Chhetri
C. Sardar Singh
D. Mandeep Singh
7.  In 2014 who won the inaugural edition of the Dubai Open Golf Championship?

A. Arjun Atwal
B. Shiv Kapur
C. Simon Yates
D. Wang Jeung-hun
8.  Which among the following has broke record for highest run-chase in T20 International cricket, recently? Who broke the record for the high run chase in T20 International Cricket?

A. West Indies
B. Australia
C. England
D. South Africa
9.  Who is the number one footballer in the world?

A. Lionel Messi
B. George Best
C. Neymar
D. Cristiano Ronaldo
10.  The 2016 UEFA Championship is being hosted by ____?

A. Greece
B. Italy
C. Switzerland
D. France