Statement and Conclusions - Base Level 2

In each of the following questions, a statement/group of statements is given followed by some conclusions. Without resolving anything yourself choose the conclusion which logically follows from the given statements.

1.  The government is soon going to introduce a bill which would permit the instituting of private universities under very strict directions.

A. We have some private universities in our country even now.
B. The demand for more universities is being stepped up.
C. Such directions can also be issued without informing the Parliament.
D. The government gives directions to establish anything in private sector.
E. Unless and until the directions are given, the private universities can charge exorbitant fees.
2.   Hitesh told Mohit a ghost lived by the people tree on the outskirts of the village.

A. People tree grow on the outskirts of the village.
B. Ghosts live on people trees.
C. Hitesh perhaps believed trees.
D. Mohit mist be afraid of ghosts.
3.   Every library has books.

A. Books are only in library.
B. Libraries are meant for books only.
C. No library is without books.
D. Some libraries do not have readers.
4.   All guilty politicians were arrested. Kishan and Chander were among those arrested.

A. All politicians are guilty.
B. All arrested people are politicians.
C. Kishan and Chander were not politicians.
D. Kishan and Chander were guilty.
5.    This book can help because all good books help.

A. This is not a good book.
B. This is a good book.
C. No good book help.
D. Some good books help.
6.   Many business offices are located in building having two to eight floors. If a building has more than three floors, it has a lift.

A. All floors may be reached by lifts.
B. Only floors above the third floor have lifts.
C. Seventh floors have lifts.
D. Second floors do not lifts.
7.  All the books, written by Prabhakar, are textbooks. Some of his information publishing by ABC Publishing Company.

A. ABC Publishing Company publishes textbooks only.
B. Some textbooks written by Prahakar are published by publishers other than ABC Publishing Company.
C. ABC Publishing Company publishes some critical essays written by Prabhakar.
D. All the books published by ABC Publishing Company have been written by Prabhakar.
8.   Monopoly is characterised by an absence of or decline in competition ABC Company realizes that its operations are on competitive industries.

A. The ABC Company is in a service industry.
B. The ABC Company is publicly owned.
C. ABC's market is not monopolistic.
D. The ABC Company has no domestic competitors.
9.  All that glitters is not gold.

A. Non-metals also glitter.
B. Only gold glitters.
C. Not all metals glitter.
D. Glittering things may be deceptive.
10.  All students in my class are bright. Manish is not bright.

A. Some students are not bright .
B. Manish must work hard.
C. Non-bright ones are not students.
D. Mnaish is not a student of my class.