General Knowledge

Physics - Section 2

Welcome to Online General Knowledge section in LearnFrenzy, which is important for SSC, UPSC, Civil Service exams and other competitive exams. We have created Some questions related to General Science(Physics) !!!

1.  The density of pure water is _________________

A. 100 kg/m3
B. 1000 kg/m3
C. 2000 kg/m3
D. 2000 kg/m3
E. None of these
2.  Thermionic emission occurs when the metal is _______________

A. Heated at very high temperature
B. Heated at high temperature
C. Cooled at very low temperature
D. All of these
E. None of these
3.  The density of sea water is _________ the density of fresh water

A. Lesser than
B. Equal to
C. Greater than
D. Can’t say
E. None of these
4.  Static friction is _____________ Kinetic friction

A. same as
B. Lesser than
C. Equal to
D. Greater than
E. None of these
5.  X-rays travel in _________________ and a beam of X-rays diverges from its source.

A. Opposite direction
B. Can’t say
C. Straight line
D. Circle
E. None of these
6.  When we rub hands which of the following Conversion will happen ?

A. Mechanical energy converted into Heat energy
B. Chemical energy converted into Heat energy
C. Mechanical energy converted into Electrical energy
D. Electrical energy converted into Heat energy
E. None of these
7.  When water is lifted into an overhead tank, electrical energy is converted into

A. Mechanical Energy
B. Thermal Energy
C. Potential Energy
D. Kinetic Energy
E. None of these
8.  The green colour glass will allow …………… to pass through it

A. Only Green
B. Only White
C. Only Black
D. All colours
E. None of these
9.  During respiration, food is converted into _____________ and _____________

A. Carbon dioxide, Water
B. Water, Carbon monoxide
C. Hydrogen, Carbon
D. Nitrogen, Hydroxide
E. None of these
10.  An arrow is stretched in a bow, which energy is converted into potential energy ?

A. Heat energy
B. Chemical energy
C. Kinetic energy
D. Mechanical energy
E. None of these