Idioms and Phrases

Verbal Ability is one of the most important sections in a Competitive Exam. You can score a great marks in competitive exams, if you get a good score in ability test. This can be achieve only if you have a very good ability skills. Basically ability is divided into few sections according to logic and type. This Idioms and Phrases topic is one of them.

Idioms & Phrases form an essential element of any language. They add meaning, power and crispness to our usual conversations, writings and expressions. There are multitude of idioms, phrases and proverbs and we do not hesitate to use them to enhance the beauty of the language.

For example, an English speaker would understand the phrase "kick the bucket" to mean "to die" – and also to actually kick a bucket.

One of the most important chapters of Verbal Ability Test is Idioms and Phrases. In your ability exam, few questions will definitely come from this topic. Here in this page we will discuss Idioms and Phrases verbal ability with solution which will help you to solve Idioms and Phrases questions very easily and quickly.


Idioms & phrases do have an ornamental value but more than that, they are tools which can be used to get the desired impact.

. Idioms usually comprise of few words but they have a deep meaning. So, when one is at a dearth for words, idioms can easily come to the rescue. Thus, it helps us to be more expressive.

. There is a flipside to it as well. In our eagerness and enthusiasm to impress others, we normally do not spend any time in understanding the meaning of the phrase. It is very crucial to do this because using an idiom inappropriately can entirely change the meaning or twist the truth.

. Idioms will add value and power to our expressions, only if we use them correctly and efficiently.

Here are some idioms & phrases to highlight these points:-

. Beating around the bush :- Not speaking directly about the issue

. Raining cats and dogs :- A very loud and noisy rain storm

. Lend me your ear :- To politely ask for someone's full attention

. Cry over spilt milk :- When you complain about a loss from the past

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