Verification of Truth

Choose the best alternative as the answer

1.  Which of the following an animal always has ?

A. lungs
B. Skin
C. Mind
D. Heart
E. Life
2.  A child must have had

A. Toys
B. Friends
C. Parents
D. Education
3.  A clock always has

A. Battery
B. Numbers
C. Alarm
D. Needles
E. Frame
4.  A fan always has

A. Switch
B. Blades
C. Current
D. Wire
E. Regulator
5.  A race always has

A. Referee
B. Spectators
C. Rivals
D. Prize
E. Victory
6.  A Factory always has

A. Electricity
B. Chimney
C. Workers
D. Files
E. Sellers
7.  Danger always involves

A. Enemy
B. Attack
C. Fear
D. Help
8.  A newspaper always has

A. Advertisement
B. News
C. Editor
D. Paper
E. Date
9.  A jail always has

A. Bars
B. Jailor
C. Lawyer
D. Locks
E. Prisoners
10.  A window always has

A. Curtain
B. Panes
C. Grill
D. None of these