Series Completion

The Reasoning section of every competitive exam includes questions from the topic “Series Completion”. This topic is considered to be quiet important and every year a good number of questions are asked from this topic.

Series Completion is a sequential order of letters, numbers or both arranged such a way that each term in the series is obtained according to some specific rules. These rules can be based on mathematical operations, place of letters in alphabetical order etc.

Different types of questions covered in this chapter as follows

1. Number Series

2. Letter Series

3. Alpha-Numeric Series

4. Continuous Pattern Series

The candidates are required to identify the pattern involved in the formation of series and accordingly find the missing term to complete the series. Also, there may be some questions where one of the terms in the series is incorrect and the candidate is required to find out that term of the series by identifying the pattern involved in the formation of series.

There is no set pattern and each question may follow a different pattern or sequential arrangement of letters or digits, which you have to detect using your common sense and reasoning ability.

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