Making Judgments

In making judgments logical reasoning, each question presents a situation and asks you to make a judgment.

Regarding to that particular circumstance, a student has to choose an answer based on given information.

Conclusion can also be drawn from statements provided with the questions.

Solved Examples of Making Judgments Questions

Question #1: Mark is working with a realtor to find a location for the toy store he plans to open in his town. He is looking for a place that is either in, or not too far from, the center of town and one that would attract the right kind of foot traffic. Which of the following locations should Mark’s realtor call to his attention?

A. a little shop three blocks away from the town's main street, located across the street from an elementary school and next door to an ice cream store

B. a storefront in a small strip mall located on the outskirts of town that is also occupied by a pharmacy and a dry cleaner

C. a storefront in a new high-rise building near the train station in the center of town whose occupants are mainly young, childless professionals who use the train to commute to their offices each day.

D. a stand-alone storefront on a quiet residential street ten blocks away from the town's center


A. a little shop three blocks away from the town's main street, located across the street from an elementary school and next door to an ice cream store

Question #2: The film director wants an actress for the lead role of Lucy who perfectly fits the description that appears in the original screenplay. He is not willing to consider actresses who do not resemble the character as she is described in the screenplay, no matter how talented they are. The screenplay describes Lucy as an average-sized, forty something redhead, with deep brown eyes, very fair skin, and a brilliant smile. The casting agent has four actresses in mind.

Actress #1 is a stunning red-haired beauty who is 5"9" and in her mid-twenties. Her eyes are brown and she has an olive complexion.

Actress #2 has red hair, big brown eyes, and a fair complexion. She is in her mid-forties and is 5"5".

Actress #3 is 5"4" and of medium build. She has red hair, brown eyes, and is in her early forties.

Actress #4 is a blue-eyed redhead in her early thirt

A. 1, 2
B. 2, 3
C. 1, 4
D. 2, 4


Option B - 2, 3


These effective test-taking strategy tips and tricks are well worth remembering before you take the actual logical reasoning tests:

  1. Practice, practice and practice some more to ace your assessment and aptitude tests!
  2. Read the question and instructions properly. Even though this seems logical, often candidates miss out very important information. Multiple-choice tests use so called ‘distractors’ as answer possibilities. These distractors are answers options which are deliberately similar to the right answer; in other words, the answer possibilities are designed to test if you read the question and provided information property.
  3. Therefore, take your time to carefully read the information provided.
  4. Be prepared with a pen and a piece of paper when doing the online test.
  5. It can be useful to develop a (mental) checklist of strategies to solve the questions. Remember the list of possible rules discussed above. This can help you to work more methodically in the test. If needed, write the discovered rules down.
  6. Try to focus on one rule at a time.

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