Famous Places in India - Section 2

1.  In India, which festival coincide with the festivals of Songkran in Thailand, Thingyan in Myanmar and Aluth Avurudda in Sri Lanka?

A. Makar Sankranti
B. Holi
C. Guru Poornima
D. Baisakhi
E. None of these
2.  Which state has the Buddhist site “Benuban Vihar monastery” ?

A. Assam
B. Tripura
C. Sikkim
D. Andhra Pradesh
E. None of these
3.  Where is the Indian Sloth beaar preserving Daroji Sanctuary located?

A. Andhra Pradesh
B. Karnataka
C. Tamil Nadu
D. Maharashtra
E. None of these
4.  Of the given options, which city is known as the “city of itar (perfume)”?

A. Lucknow
B. Kannauj
C. Bhopal
D. Varanasi
E. None of these
5.  In which state is the Himalayan Kumbh organized in every twelve years?

A. Himachal Pradesh
B. Uttarakhand
C. Sikkim
D. Jammu & Kashmir
E. None of these
6.  Which of the following city is known as Electricity city of India ?

A. Delhi
B. Mumbai
C. Pune
D. Bangalore
7.  The Famous Meenakshi temple is in ?

A. Orissa
B. Maharashtra
C. Tamil Nadu
D. Gujarat
8.  Where has the vulture restaurant been opened up?

A. Gadchiroli (Maharashtra)
B. Jabalpur (Madhya Pradesh)
C. Banaskantha (Gujarat)
D. Tonk (Rajasthan)
E. None of these
9.  Which state has the famous Great Himalayan National Park (GHNP)?

A. Sikkim
B. Arunachal Pradesh
C. Himachal Pradesh
D. Uttarakhand
E. None of these
10.  In the Lion Capital of Ashoka, which four animals are engraved at the bottom?

A. Lion, Elephant, Deer, Bull
B. Lion, Bull, Horse, Deer
C. Bull, Elephant, Tiger, Horse
D. Lion, Elephant, Horse, Bull
E. None of these