Reasons Why Not All Students Get Placed After College

Several companies start visiting colleges for placement drives across India. IT companies especially visit the leading technological campuses in the country to hire skilled candidates. The number of applicants from these colleges are many, given the large population of India, as well its number of educational institutions. Yet nearly 3/4th do not clear the initially written placement tests, conducted by these companies.

Why is this so?

1. Lack of awareness:

Such students are not aware of what these companies look for, while hiring candidates. Heavy focus is given on each word of college textbooks, that they do not possess enough knowledge on making practical use of the same. Moreover, each company has a unique requirement for hiring employees. A theoretical formula of attending interviews does not work any longer.

2. Lack of practice:

It is the same as preparing for an academic examination. You need to practice well to score well. At first, you need to know the pattern of the question paper. Similar problems need to be solved in advance to have a proper practice. But, how does one practice on a placement test paper that he or she has no idea about?

3. Lack of proper assessment

Without awareness and without practice, how will a student be able to assess his or her own level of performance? This is needed to ascertain on which level a student stands, in relation to a company’s requirement. A Proper assessment will only, lead to a proper performance in placement tests.

These may be the problems. But LearnFrenzy has the perfect solution. We have developed a set of placement question papers that are very similar to companies like TCS,CTS,Infosys, Accenture, NTT DATA and so on. Now, students can simply practice the question paper.

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