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Its Python again!! Yes, you might be knowing before I say this, Python wins the race for the most used/accepted/favored programming language around the Globe yet again, for the year 2017. This will not surprise many though. Python, the object oriented, high-level, server side scripting language, takes the advantage of being lively, highly scalable, flexible, cross platform and portable. It’s simple yet very powerful and easily extensible language that provides ease of programming to experienced programmers while being easy to learn for the new ones.

Though it appears Python is a new language, it is hard to believe it is contemporary of Java. The first version of Python was launched in 1991. But the reason for it to be in limelight these days is its usage in top notch companies around the world. The popularity for this general-purpose language has grown so much that 8 out of 10 foreign universities are now teaching the ‘Fundamentals of Programming in Python’ to young undergraduates.

Python, designed by Guido van Rossum, is rated as the most popular Programming Language in 2013 and 2014. Asokan attributes this victory to Python’s flexibility and code readability. True to his words, Python emphasizes on readability of code and provides lenience in terms of syntax. Also it supports lesser lines of code when compared to its neighboring languages.

These are just some of the famous companies that use Python:

. Google uses an Internal Code Review System written in Python

. NASA uses Python

. YouTube, the video-sharing website is written in Python

. ‘Star Wars’ movie - visual effects creator Industrial Light and Magic manages its digital assets using Python

. Dropbox, the free software for sharing and accessing your documents anywhere, is written in Python

The features of Python that give it an upper hand over others are:

1. Python stands as the top programming language for Scientific and Engineering Computation. Python’s ‘easy to learn and use’ feature and rich libraries makes it the most used language, says Asokan. It helps scientists and engineers to focus on the domain tasks. Without getting bogged down with issues like syntax.

2. Python is a cross-platform language. Its variants Jython runs on a Java Platform, while C Python is a general version. There is IronPython on the CLR.

3. Its rich libraries reduce the man hours enormously for writing code.

4. Python stands out among other languages as it addresses the issues of and maintainability better than the other languages.

5. Python is the go-to-language to implement Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud (SMAC), the new IT architecture. Its varied requirement like statics, display, web services can all be achieved using a single – Python.

With many youngsters venturing into IT, energy is on flow towards Python. It is highly recommended for students who:

Are joining in Undergraduate courses in US. Prior knowledge would be an added advantage before the Course starts

. Are passionate about Code Engineering; as it involves simple designing, calculation, computation

. Are passionate about Web Development

There is a reason for being on TOP!!

Python is being preferred by millions of programmers worldwide as it’s easy to learn and is equally easy to get help anytime due to large community support. It’s also adopted by many software development companies due to it’s high-level features which are regularly updated by the Python developer community. Python from all aspects is well equipped to cater to all/any type of software development requirement and of course we all love Python...!!

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