Pokémon Go : Everything you must know about the Game

Mein tumhe chunta hun, bulbasaur!

Karna hai hasil Pokémon!

Remember this? Waiting for Pokémon at 5 every day after school was the main aim. The childhood was all about living in paramnesia where we had our own cartoonist fantasy. Among them, Pokémon played a major role.

Wakey wakey! The Pokémon fever is on. You might find people catching up Pokémon in the metros, local busses, college canteens, office desks and believe me even in temples and pilgrimages too.

That’s the power of technology. It is developed by Niantic and published by Nintendo as a part of Pokémon media franchise.You might be thinking why Pokémon go? What’s the big deal?

The answer is the use of technology where the game makers merged the digital world to the real world, superimposing the very popular and well know gaming characters (Pokémon), making people run around on streets, talking to other players on the hunt, and hence making it actually a real world social game.

Nintendo - The Birth of Pokémon

Originally released as a Game Boy games, In Pokémon, a player had to travel through the region of Kanto, trying to capture the 150 interesting new characters introduced, and training them to fight the Elite four. Within the next 3-4 years, Pokémon was transformed in to Cartoon series, toys and gaming cards, making Pikachu and worldwide known cartoon figure.

Niantic - The Revival of Pokémon

Niantic is a Google subsidiary, which had a major role in shaping up Google Earth and Google Maps applications. In 2011, Niantic released it's first major independent product : Ingress - a location based social game, which led the foundation of Pokémon Go. Most of the locations selected as Poké Stops and Pokémon Gyms in the latest Pokémon Go game, are from the list of locations used in the game Ingress as portals.

Niantic, separated from Google, in 2015, making it eligible to collaborate with other companies to create products, and first collaboration(with Nintendo) resulted into Pokémon Go.

Placement of Pokémons

Pokémon in the game are placed based on their characteristics, like water-based Pokémon like Magikarp will appear near water bodies. Also, it has been made sure that the places where they are placed are pedestrian safe and public accessible.

Future of Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go, currently a rage might not be this in the future, so the game developers will have to keep on adding new features to keep the users attracted. Some of the possible future enhancements include : More Poké Stops and Gyms to make game more social, maybe Pokémon Trading and usage of Augmented reality Goggles.

The Game is already released in many countries worldwide, but if you still haven't been able to get it on your phone, here is a link to download the APK, if you have an Android Phone :


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