Is it Good to Share your Interview Experience !

So, now you have stepped out of your long term education stage and it is time to join a job. The interview session is finally over and you are in a mood to go for party with friends. This is really the awesome part of our life when we get our dream job and more then that when we are able to crack a tough interview. You know! when you will share this experience with some of your juniors it will really bring a feeling of satisfaction in your heart. And the time when they will say thanks to you for your guidance and experience then you will really feel proud about your achievement. Do you remember the loveliest thought of your school days: “Sharing is Caring”. It works almost at every stage of life. Many successful personalities say that it is really wonderful to share your interview experience with others. If you still want to ask “why” then keep on reading the details below:

Duty to pass on:

Nobody can claim that he successfully cracked the Interview without anybody’s help. Just rewind a little bit and remember all those people who helped you directly or indirectly ace the interview! Your seniors, siblings, friends, parents and many others have some or the other role to play in your success. Even a simple “All the best beta! I know you will crack it!” from your father might do wonders to boost your confidence, resulting in a successful Interview. Wouldn’t you want to thank them and pass on the favor?

Set an Example:

Set an example, for other job-seekers can give them a lot of hope. A feeling that they can also do it! It boosts up their morale and motivates them to work harder. You become an idol for many and when they get benefited from your advice you will be remembered! Always holding a place in their heart! Isn’t that wonderful? Think about it, job interviews are taken very seriously and anyone who has contributed to your success, you really cannot forget them! Ever!

A helping hand that come back to you :

When you share your journey then you become able to realize so many mistakes of your life that can be avoided by others. Your journey will act like tips for building a healthy lifestyle for them and it will help you to do better introspection about yourself. The after interview discussions often lead to lots of positive and negative conclusions that adds up experience to our life.

Perfect combination of happiness and value :

Your life holds real value only when it reflects some valuable experienced to others. You slowly and genuinely become a bigger and stronger person when you become able to add happiness into other’s life. It is the fantastic way to become highly socialized person and it is your moral responsibility too when you are a part of this society and hold so many relations around.

Because you are awesome !

When you help someone and they are able to get real benefits from it then definitely you prove your awesomeness. We know that you are that good person who would time and again help someone in need. We have created a platform to help your voice reach lakhs of job seekers and we just want you to be as you are. Maybe just push a little bit, take out 20 mins and share your interview experience for juniors.

You’re awesome

So do share your interview experienceor remember to share one, once you get a job! 

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Link for sharing your Internship Interview Experience – learnfrenzy Internship Interview Experience

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